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Dr Helen Hanna - Research and training

Hello! My name is Dr Helen Hanna and I am an academic and trainer. My research looks at education, migration, citizenship and human righ...

Writing training

"The workshop helped me enhance my publication skills and learn how to cope with the increasing pressure on us to publish." (Senior Lecturer, China)

"Helen's teaching approach was empathetic - she encouraged me to continue writing, improving and publishing." (Assistant Professor, Taiwan)
"Dr Hanna was able to make the complexity of publishing seem straight forward."(Postdoctoral Researcher, Bangladesh)

Since 2018 I have been the Director of Writing for Academic Publication, a consultancy that offers training for early career researchers in getting published in English language journals, books and practice-focused publications. There remains a great need for effective, contextualised training in this area, particularly in the Global South. I have been privileged to work with people from around the world from diverse backgrounds - from Thailand, Taiwan, Philippines, China, Myanmar, Uganda, South Africa and UK. I am proud of this work and I am always willing to support those who are setting out in publishing and/or training, so feel free to get in touch with me if this is you!

I have delivered workshops covering the following topics and more:

- 'How to get started in writing for publication'
- 'Choosing the right journal to write for'
- 'Writing a good article
- 'Writing a good book chapter'
- 'Submitting your journal article'
- 'Turning a Masters or PhD'
- 'The peer review process'
- 'How to prevent negative reviews'
- 'Writing for non-academic audiences'
- 'Developing confidence in writing'

Here are some examples of the work I have done:

British Council Thailand - Early Career Researcher Programme

I was a consultant for British Council Thailand, working around the Inclusion, Mobility & Multilingual Education Conference in Bangkok in 2019, to support early career researchers (ECRs) from ASEAN to prepare for conferences, make effective presentations, network and publish in English language journals. We kicked off the ECR programme with a webinar on preparing for academic conferences. Then we met face-to-face at the conference and I delivered writing for publication workshops. From late 2019 until early 2020 I supported a select number of ECRs to write articles for the post-conference publication. This was launched in summer 2020 - congratulations to all our authors! Click here to see the full publication.

British Academy writing for academic publication workshop at East China Normal University, Shanghai

Here are some photos from our British Academy-funded 2-day writing for publication and research collaboration workshop at the Institute for International and Comparative Education, East China Normal University in Shanghai. We had participants from universities across China, studying and working in education. I'm very grateful for the expertise of Prof Gary McCulloch (Institute of Education, University College London), Lachlan Smith (Cloud Chamber), Routledge Taylor Francis and Prof Mark Reed (Fast Track Impact).